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Did you know ? Planting a waterwise garden not only saves you money but requires less maintenance

Residential Gardening & Maintenance

Greenleaf Mowing and Maintenance services the Fremantle area and can assist with all of your garden maintenance needs.

Whether you`re just in need of some general lawn care and garden maintenance, tree trimming or mulching, Greenleaf is here to help. Our services don’t just stop at lawn mowing as we can help with a range of garden maintenance services to leave your backyard looking great.

residential garden care

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Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimmingand pruning

Keep those garden hedges looking great and healthy with a regular hedge trim.

General Cleanups

Garden maintenance and cleanups

If your backyard is covered in leaves then the team at Greenleaf can help with general yard cleans.

Tree Trimming

Residential tree trimming services

We can provide tree trimming services to remove dead and dangerous branches.

Rubbish Removal

Greenleaf can remove your garden rubbish

Don't let your garden rubbish get on top of you. Call the experts at Greenleaf Mowing


Mulching service in Fremantle

Mulching is a great way to reduce your water consumption and protect your garden beds in summer.