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Did you know ? There are over 30 different varieties of lawns and each one needs different care

Lawn Care Tips

Greenleaf Mowing guarantees that your garden will look its best when it is regularly maintained by us. But here are some helpful lawn care tips to keep your garden green and healthy.

Tips for a great looking green lawn

Spring Lawn Care
A beautiful lawn complements the rest of the garden and makes the whole garden look fantastic. Spring is the best time to spend a little time and effort getting it into shape - mowing the grass, feeding with a lawn fertiliser and dealing with bare patches, ugly weeds and moss.

Summer lawn care
The most important thing we can do is give it a much deserved drink. Water at times when the moisture is likely to soak in rather than evaporate, early morning or late evening is the best. Try to avoid giving your lawn a light sprinkling every day, as this can cause the roots to grow shallow and be prone to drying out. When it’s dry, a good soaking once or twice a week is much more beneficial for your lawn.

Prepare your lawn for winter
No matter how diligent you’ve been with your lawn over the summer months, come autumn it’s likely to be looking a little tired, pale and worn out. This is because it has used up most of the nutrients in the soil, as well as suffering wear and tear from children making the most of the summer weather by playing in the garden.

Lawn weeding
Getting rid of lawn weeds isn’t necessarily a matter of digging them out. Thankfully, selective lawn weed killers that kill weeds without harming the grass are available. So there’s no excuse for a lawn full of weeds.

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